Hotel Maribor 
Hotel Maribor
Hotel Facilities Maribor with sound, lighting and control for lighting and sound via mobile applications WEEVOX.

Fast food Hoodburger - Ljubljana 2016
We equipped the first fast food restaurant with a prestigious brand d&b Audiotechnik loudspeaker, as well as hanging lights Anglepoise ORIGINAL.

Seminar  Audiotehnik - Serija V 
d&b Audiotehnik workshop Ljubljana 2016
At the end of April 2016, we have carried out two-day training for users of V series, d&b Audiotehnik. Participants were familiarized with the theory as well as practice of the acoustic programs R1, Arraycalc and ArrayProcessing. All participants attained a certificate of completed training.

Dom 2016 
Fair 2016
We expose in fair HOME 2016 - Ljubljana
KSL Studio 
NEW show room of light
In May 2015 we opened a new showroom with lighting companies TAL, ELECTRON, CALEX and CREATIVE-CABLES
Casino SAFIR-SežanaFacade
The project is designed on the basis of high illuminating LED lighting and small power consumption, as well as cost-mer maintenance. The project covered more than 150,000 LED lights, which are controlled by DMX 512 channels 4500 Protocol, as each prism treated as a separate so-called PIXEL. Its own energy consumption of the entire facade is average for the 2500W which 850m2. Since we have unlimited possibilities of light gradients and we are all together is enriched with simple advertising inscriptions, whose party without some problems of rotation according to the requested programu.Zgornji part (sunbreakers) where prominent bands that also change color and synchronizes with the program the majority of facade with a prism. Use of this work is an average of 1200W and is controlled with 450 DMX channels.

Additional project was a sound system and lighting Casino and Hotel work together, and their relationship. In this work, we object itself separated into 24 separate zon, so that in each zone specially regulated strength, as well as the source of sound color. At the same time it can also be independent of each zone where customers can dell themselves connect to your desired source and the mikrofon.Tako can be used out of the conference as an independent unit and this, no additional sound system, mixing console, or speakers, since it has each space its controlling element, which measures a mere 15x10cm and is seamlessly attached to the wall or mounting element.

In the gambling part, we equip the space for cabaret performances with special lighting effects, and it also suitable ozvočenjem.Za Hotel sound system work, we used ozvočeneje TUTONDO, ECLER and control CLOUD.Prostor for performances at the Casino are equipped with special lighting effects DTS (LED, XR250, 100 SCENE ) and MARTIN AUDIO sound system (8 and AQ AQ112) XTAin CREST AUDIO

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